Nike Pegasus 38 Official Images

Official Images of the Nike Pegasus 38

NikeTalk user TC1900 posted new official images of the upcoming Nike Pegasus 38. What are your thoughts?

Nike Pegasus 38
Nike Pegasus 38
Nike Pegasus 38
Nike Pegasus 38
Nike Pegasus 38

Here’s a first look at the Nike Pegasus 38

The Nike Pegasus 38 is the next iteration of one of Nike’s most popular running shoes. After a significant refresh with the Pegasus 37, the 38 is poised to build on that solid base without many major changes. The midsole looks to be the same, with updates to the upper.

Thanks to the Twitter account Rolows_13, we have an initial image of the shoe:

Nike Pegasus 38
Image via @Rolows_13

Redesigned Upper

Based in the leaked image, the midsole appears to be the same as the Pegasus 37, but there does appear to be a new upper. The 37 had a full mesh material on the upper, but the 38 appears to have several different materials. The Swoosh is bigger and it looks like there might be some reflective elements on the updated version.

Release Date

The Pegasus 37 came out April 28th, 2020, so we can expect a spring release for the Pegasus 38. Stay tuned for updates.


Some of the initial reactions from were mixed:

“I like my 37 so have a good feeling about these ones” -fwnvbjkbjsd

“I don’t see the point in it myself. It is good for long slow runs but nothing else. The boston and even reebok shoes are far better (and much lighter).” -ozzyosbournesdentures

“I don’t get what they’re doing with that heel. On my Peg 37s with about 350 miles, the last 2cm or so of the heel looks untouched. There’s a decent amount of foam in the rear of the shoe that seems completely unnecessary. It’s just extra weight.” -shuffleshuffle

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How to build a treadmill at home

In a DIY, workout from home world, here’s how to build a treadmill.

Some helpful advice for figuring out how to build a treadmill at home.

How to build a treadmill

How to Build a Treadmill Step 1: Arrival

The treadmill will arrive at your house at the most inconvenient time possible. The crew will take a single glance at your door and claim the treadmill won’t fit and they can’t bring it inside. The crew will note “be careful with that computer” and point in a vague direction of the box. It’s unclear what they are referring to, but it sounds fragile. More on this later. The crew leaves, off to the next delivery, and you’re stranded with an overwhelming sense of panic.

Step 2: Getting it Inside

You are forced to bring it in yourself, which involves opening the box on your porch in sub-freezing temperatures and calling an unlucky friend to lug the individual pieces into your house. You’ll probably scrape the wall, but it’s ok, you don’t plan on staying in your house forever.

Step 3: Unboxing

Once the main pieces are in your house and you’ve shooed away your friend, you must unbox and unwrap the rest of the treadmill. You go piece by piece until you make a devastating discovery. The hardware package contains not one, but two allen wrenches. Some historians estimate that the screw was invented in 400 BC and the bolt appeared sometime around 1400 AD, but those two inventions and the thousands of subsequent improvements and tools to use them were apparently missed by the treadmill company, who chose to use the same hardware as a $9 mass produced cardboard Swedish end table. Get a towel for the bloody knuckles in your future.

Step 4: Organizing

After unboxing everything, the room will look like a refrigerator factory exploded, but this is normal. Separate all the parts into random piles so you have enough room to walk around without taking a metal part to the shins.

Step 5: Get an Engineering Degree to Read the Directions

You might want to take a quick pitstop, enroll in a local university and spend four years studying engineering in order to fully understand what the directions are telling you. Because without years of training, many decisions in the construction process will simply come down to best guesses and hoping for the best.

Step 6: Regret

You will eventually get to a point where you regret this entire endeavor, as the project is now getting the best of you. What even is the point of running anyway? Might as well take up something like bird watching or stamp collecting, both of which do not involve directions in 413 languages

Step 7: This Part Doesn’t Fit

At some point during the install, you’ll realize that a part just doesn’t fit. After frustratingly trying to attach and re-attach the part, you’ll take to the internet to discover that many people before you have faced the same solution. And the best conclusion is simply to deal with the fact that the part just doesn’t quite fit right. “It won’t hurt the structural integrity of the treadmill,” one commenter on Reddit will tell you. So grab a hammer and smash those parts together.

Step 8: Become an IT professional

Remember that computer the delivery guys told you about? Well it’s not so much a computer, but rather some kind of Android tablet that needs to be activated once you power up the treadmill. This includes a very slow hardware update, connecting to wifi and logging in to your treadmill brand’s website to activate. You know, how everyone loves to start a run. After divulging your deepest personal derails in the registration process, you are ready to run.

Step 9: Turn on Treadmill

After the construction and setup, flip the switch and listen to the sweet hum of success, as your new treadmill is ready to go. Just keep an eye on that left handrail, it’s pretty loose. Maybe even grab a new pair of shoes for the run. I recommend the Nike Pegasus Turbo. Happy running!

Nike ZoomX Invincible: FIRST LOOK

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Nike ZoomX Invincible

The Nike ZoomX Invincible has shown up in the first photos, via NikeTalk user TC1990. The trainer is a new addition to the Nike lineup, but appears to be part of the React Miler/Infinity React family, based on the silhouette, design and features.

Nike ZoomX Invincible
Via NikeTalk


As the title suggests, the shoe’s main feature is the ZoomX foam, which made from blown Pebax, and featured in Nike’s most advanced shoes like the Vaporfly and Alphafly. There’s a very prominent heel collar, which looks super comfy. The outsole also appears to be a single piece of rubber, possibly to give the soft ZoomX foam some rigidity. But that’s pure speculation until we see these out in the wild. The outsole pattern is also interesting, as it almost looks like little cleats. Quite possibly a very grippy shoe.

The upper appears to be made of some kind of Flyknit or similar material. A heel clip locks the foot into the shoe, much like the Miler, and there4 appears to be a padded tongue as opposed to the thinner version we’ve seen in recent Nike releases.

Overall, this appears to be geared more for long/slow runs, as opposed to speed. It will be interesting to see the actual weight of the shoe, but it looks like a very comfortable fit, based on the ZoomX foam and the padding. How it differentiates from the React models (besides the React foam) will be interesting.

Nike ZoomX Invincible


Nike ZoomX Invincible Release Date

According to Nike the Invincible will be released globally begining January 7th, 2021! Check out the first official photos below!

Nike ZoomX Invincible
Nike ZoomX Invincible

Nike Infinity React 2: FIRST LOOK

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Nike Infinity React 2

The Nike Infinity React 2 is the next iteration of one of the more hyped running sneaker releases from Nike almost a year ago. The original Infinity featured React foam, a sock-like upper and a mix of stability and lightness got a lot of runners excited.

Personally I was not a fan; after about 100 miles, I retired it because it seemed to put a ton of pressure on my calves and achilles tendons. It felt like I was running in sand, and my heel would slide around a lot in the shoe. I found the Nike React Miler to be a much better everyday training shoe.

Well, Nike is back with an update that appears like it might be directly addressing those issues with the Nike Infinity React 2.

Nike Infinity React 2
Via Run Gear Run

New Features

At first glance, the Nike Infinity React 2 has some major updates. The upper looks a little more solid than the original’s thin Flyknit material. To counteract this, there appears to be some ventilation on the forefoot area. The laces also appear to be secured by some kind of Flywire setup. There’s now a tongue instead of the previous full booty knit that just wrapped around the ankle.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Run Gear Run (@rungearrun)

The biggest change I can see to the Nike Infinity React 2 comes in the heel area, where a new padded collar should help lock the heel into the shoe and prevent the previous issue of sliding around too much, and reduce the chafing the heel.

Nike Infinity React 2
Via Run Gear Run


React is in the name of the shoe, so it’s no surprise that full-length React foam returns. The shoe also appears to keep it’s width, in order to retain it’s purpose as a stability shoe.


The reactions online has been pretty positive so far. A few notables:

  • “Looks like a solid update, but wondering how much weight they added.” -the_real_dad_runner on IG
  • “About time! I just bought some and I was slipping all over the place, they had to go back 😔 looking forward to these 😁” -daleruns_ on IG
  • “It looks even better than 1 version. Great news !!!” -wojtech10 on IG
  • “The Nike Infinity React 2 looking like a big improvement from a lockdown perspective – can’t wait!” -dpl_runs on IG
  • “Lockdown was perfect for me in version 1 but I can see why they have done this tweak. Not too bothered if additional weight as I use this shoe for easy miles where I want the pace to be very slow.” -marcusnye on IG

Nike Infinity React 2 Release Date

According to Nike, the official global release date for the Infinity React 2 is January 7th! Official image below:

Nike Infinity React 2
Nike Infinity React 2

What do you think about the shoe? Leave a comment!

FIRST LOOK: Nike Alphafly Ekiden

First look at the Nike Alphafly Ekiden colorway, via Protosofthegram on Instagram.

Nike Alphafly Ekiden
Nike Alphafly Ekiden Colorway

Another flashy addition to the Alphafly lineup. No release date specified, stay tuned for updates!

What do you think of this colorway? Drop a comment!

2020 Gift Guide for Runners

The Fresh Brew Run Club 2020 Gift Guide for Runners has something unique for the runner in your life.

From stocking stuffers to space age shoe technology, our 2020 Gift Guide for Runners has some gifts that go the extra mile. Check it out!

JLayDesign Running Posters

These awesome posters from runner/designer JLayDesign are perfect for the runner looking to spruce up a wall. Featuring collections of the latest and greatest trainers and even Forrest Gump rocking some Vaporfly Next%’s, these posters will make a splash. ORDER HERE.

JLayDesign Running Poster

Exclusive Gear from Bell Lap

Bell Lap Track and Field was started as a hassle-free way for professional runners to sell their gear in order to pursue their running dreams. At least twice a week, Bell Lap has a gear drop, where a plethora of new and pre-owned gear becomes available. Oftentimes, these are items you simply can’t get anywhere else. Products vary week to week and often sell out fast. A great way to support fellow runners! SHOP HERE.

Bell Lap Track and Field Nike Singlet

Shipping from Boston

The Boston Marathon may have been cancelled in 2020, but you can still score some great deals on official Boston Marathon merch. From clothing to custom replica mile markers, these gifts are a great for fans and participants of one of the most popular marathons in the world. SHOP NOW.

Boston Marathon Mile Marker

Bowerman Track Club

The BTC is one of the premier running organizations in America. Their runners have won huge races, smashed world records and looked good in the process. Bolstered by a partnership with Nike, the BTC also has fantastic merch, so the runner in your life can look the part of an elite athlete on the trail or just lounging around the house. SHOP HERE.

Bowerman Track Club Crewneck

Nike Alphafly Next%

In 2019, Eliud Kipchoge debuted the Nike Alphafly Next% as he ran the world’s first sub-2:00 marathon. The shoe has since been released to the general public, often selling out immediately. However, it’s never sold out here. Give the gift of carbon fiber-plated goodness this holiday season.

Nike Alphafly Next%

The Hanson’s Marathon Method

If you or someone you know is looking to run a full or half marathon, I wouldn’t recommend any training plan in the world except the Hanson’s Marathon Method. This training plan is much more than what you’ll find by searching “marathon training plan” on Google, it is a comprehensive, custom method that covers everything from pace charts for every workout to nutrition. I’ve used it to repeatedly get my PR in the half marathon. SHOP NOW.

Hanson Marathon Method Book

Theragun Prime

This gadget has taken over the sports world, from NBA superstars to elite runners. The Theragun provides deep muscle treatment to ease soreness, tightness and aid recovery. Get it at RUNdetroit.

Theragun Prime

Custom Course Maps

These custom maps from Run Ink are a great way to commemorate a memorable run. They take a race course map and add details like name, bib number, time, date and color scheme to create a really cool poster. You can also create a custom course, which is especially nice during a year where many runners ran virtual races on their own courses. SHOP HERE.

Custom Race Course Map

MAURTEN Nutrition

A perfect stocking stuffer, MAURTEN is the nutrition choice of many of the world’s best runners. From drink mixes to energy gels, these products are seen in some of the biggest races. Check out several varieties at RUNdetroit.

MAURTEN Hydration

BibFOLIO+ Bib and Display Case

Finally, I think it has been scientifically proven that most runners have at least 10 medals from races crammed into a junk drawer in their house somewhere. So why not put them on display? This case has a place to hang medals and display bib numbers for all the world to see. SHOP HERE.

Bib Display Case

Thanks for checking out the 2020 Gift Guide for Runners. Hopefully these gifts make the season merry and bright. Did I miss anything? Share your running gift ideas in the comments!

Power Ranking: Cars Least Likely to Use a Turn Signal

Runners and cars must coexist, but not everyone plays nice. Here’s my list of cars least likely to use a turn signal.

Cars with turn signals

Running can be hazardous. This summer alone, I twisted my ankle three separate times. I’ve seen runners pass out, fall down a muddy hill and get stung by hornets. But cars are another story. Runners must always look out for cars who don’t stop, signal or even look at the road, because our chances against a two-ton machine aren’t great.

One of my biggest pet-peeves is drivers who don’t use a turn signal. I can’t predict where a car is going to go, especially at intersections. Are you going straight, or turning? If only there was a way to signal your intentions as a driver by using some kind of device… Anyway, here’ s my power rankings of cars least likely to use a turn signal.

5. Chevy Suburbans

The official status symbol for soccer moms rushing around the roads while clearly having a speakerphone conversation on the phone. Do these cars not come with Bluetooth? Are Airpods sold out? I can see why it’s impossible to use a turn signal, when you have one hand on the wheel and one hand on your bedazzled iPhone.

4. Nissan Altima

If I see a Nissan Altima, I assume the driver is either A.) texting and driving B.) eating and driving or C.) pretty much doing anything besides paying attention to the road. It doesn’t matter the year of the car, I fear them like Nissan Altima drivers fear using a turn signal.

3. Any BMW or Mercedes-Benz

I think when you get to a certain point where you can afford one of these car brands, you just feel like you are above the law. Or maybe turn signals aren’t standard on these brands? Is that a German thing? Who knows, but I do know these drivers will run a stop sign, not signal and stare you down like it’s your fault for being in the way. Get out of the way runners, the important people in the world have important places to be.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeeps, man. What is it about these vehicles that just invites a level of automotive selfishness on par with me at a self-serve frozen yogurt shop? Set aside the fact that these beasts were designed for off-roading, but will spend more time parked in a cul-de-sac, they have a certain unpredictability that goes beyond turn signals. I guess “it’s a Jeep thing” right? Too bad we can’t turn the “Jeep wave” into the “Jeep turn signal” in 2021.

1. Ford F-250

Not sure what it is about the F-250 that empowers drivers to feel the need to put on a show of force on every single humble sidestreet, but these trucks are the definition of “just chill out, man.” Between comically aggressive acceleration at green lights, “rollin’ coal” and a complete lack of interest in the rules of the road, I just assume an F-250 is going to attempt to put me into the ditch and do a burnout on the way to getting groceries, or whatever mundane tasks that underutilized suburban trucks do in their spare time. Also, having a Punisher sticker on the back window also increases the likelihood of not using a turn signal to 100.00%.

Stay safe out there, runners.

Note: if you drive one of these cars, don’t take it personally. Be the turn signal you want to see in the world.