Best Running YouTube Channels in 2023

If you’re looking for the best running YouTube Channels in 2023, look no further, the Fresh Brew Run Club has you covered.

YouTube continues to explode in popularity as more and more people consume more and more content on a daily basis. As a runner, I’m always looking for exciting running content on YouTube. Now after years of “research” I put together a list of the best running YouTube channels for 2023.

Now, my criteria might be a little different than other more “traditional” running YouTube content. I’m looking for channels that do more than just explain how to stretch, which speed workouts to do or scream at the camera about fartleks. Instead, I’m valuing things like entertainment, humor, inspiration, honesty and production value. Some of these creators might not even consider themselves to be “running YouTubers” in the traditional sense, but that’s what I think makes a few of them stand out from the plethora of running content on the web. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites.


Kofuzi’s humble, “non-elite” approach to creating running content is a welcome change of pace (running pun) from a lot of other content out there. His most common content is shoe reviews, but recently he’s perfected his “Runner’s Weekend” series, which covers his entire weekend at a race event, both on and off the course. Think of an extremely well done travel vlog centered around running. He’s always honest with the viewers, takes the time to reply and be a generally good dude. He also runs a live stream every weekday called the Kofuzi Run Club, which are simple conversations about numerous running-related topics, unboxings and dutifully answering questions from the chat. The livestream was recently named “The #1 running podcast to listen to while doing the dishes” by an unknown source. Check out Kofuzi’s channel here, or watch his Runner’s Weekend video for the Tokyo Marathon below:

Ben Is Running

Ben Felton is a British runner who has risen to popularity almost as fast as he’s improved as a runner, and that’s saying a lot. Ben’s perspective as someone who was previously outside the running community to becoming an incredibly talented runner shines through in his content. He’s open and honest about his training methods, results and everything in between. His calm demeanor is a breath of fresh air in a world of over-the-top YouTubers. Plus, he conveys a level of trust with his audience that few channels can achieve, especially when it comes to training programs, gear, shoes and nutrition. It feels like he’s only scratching the surface of where his content can (and will) go. Check Ben’s channel here.

Mrs. Space Cadet

Mrs. Space Cadet, otherwise known as Erin Azar, creates hilarious running-related content on her YouTube channel and other social media platforms, including a massive TikTok following. Her lightheaded approach reminds you to find the fun (and funny) in running, even when things are difficult. Her channel has documented her journey to learn the sport of running and includes “filming my progress and struggles from day 1.” Check out her channel here.

Beau Miles

Ok, now that we’ve talked about a few more “traditional” running YouTubers, lets get into some off the wall content creators. Beau Miles is an Australian YouTuber, author, philosopher and athlete, but I’d tie all that together and simply call him a storyteller. He has a way of taking settings and topics that might seem banal to the average person, and adding emotion, history and perspective that sets him apart. Not all of his videos revolve around running, although he was the first person to run the Australian Alpine Walking Trail (413 miles) and has found all sorts of ways to use running as a storytelling vehicle. If his videos don’t inspire you to go for a run and try to build something out of wood, check your pulse. Watch Beau’s stories here.

Cody Trains

I first became familiar with Cody Ko’s content back in the golden era of social media content, otherwise known as the Vine era. Since then, Cody has become a successful YouTuber, podcaster, actor and investor, but one of his more recent endeavors is my favorite. Cody Trains is a YouTube channel that Cody uses to document his training process for an Iron Man. While this is technically triathlon content, there is a great deal of running, and running-related themes such as nutrition, rest, balancing a busy schedule and the ups and downs of heavy training. What sets Cody’s content apart is his humor. His ability to find ways to laugh even during the hardest workout creates a fun, relatable and entertaining style of content that the running YouTube world needs more of, quite honestly. Energy is everything. Peep Cody’s vids here.

Virtual Running Videos

Living in the Midwest means the treadmill is an unfortunate necessity to stay in shape during the snowy months. And Virtual Running Videos has kept me from losing my mind while churning through mile after mile on the dreadmill. Their virtual runs are in interesting locations, well produced and help to take my mind off the fact that I am stuck running in a small, hot room for months on end. There’s a lot of virtual run content out there, but VRV reaches a level of consistency that I really appreciate. Get lost in a VRV here.

The Fresh Brew Run Club

Wow, how did this get on here? Oh well, better give the sales pitch. My channel was started because I found a lot of running content on YouTube somewhat unrelatable. I’m not particularly fast, but it felt like every runner with a following was breaking 2:30 in the marathon, while I struggled to finish a race without stopping (I finally did it last year!).

I wanted to create content that didn’t really talk about pace, but rather focused on the fun side of running, such as the places we run, inane challenges or the funny stuff I see along the way (or at least things I think are funny). Since starting the channel, I’ve done a lot of shoe reviews (from the perspective of a slower runner of course), started a weekly vlog and began documenting all the bad drivers I see on a daily basis. I hope to keep making content that I want to watch, and you can probably see bits and pieces of inspiration from all the YouTubers I mentioned above. Check out the FBRC YouTube channel here.

These are a few of the best running YouTube Channels in 2023, or at least my favorites. What are some of yours? Leave a comment below!

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