Nespresso Pod Rankings

The Official Fresh Brew Run Club Nespresso pod rankings

Welcome to my Nespresso pod rankings. I love Nespresso pods. I love running. I love drinking Nespresso before I go for a run. So this post is my ongoing rankings of Nespresso pods as I attempt to try all the Vertuo pods. I am starting this journey in January 2023, and will continue to add to update this list as I add more pods. Be sure to check out my running vlog for my video reactions as I try each one. I also do running shoe reviews, so check that out as well!

Nespresso Intenso, the top ranked pod on my Nespresso Pod Rankings
Nespresso Intenso
  1. Intenso – this is one of Nespresso’s strongest brews. Just pure, strong coffee. Perfect for waking me up and getting me out on the run. Shop here.

More to come!

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